Top 5 companies in global markets


Between 2007 and 2017 a paradigm shift happened


In the UK, Financial services and Oil were ruling the economy. 10 years later, not only does the UK have an old economy, but also the number one lost 25% of its market value.


Around 10 years ago, the dominant industries in Germany were Finance and Telecommunications, with Siemens at the very top. Today, the tech company SAP rises at the 1st place, but the rest are still the same.


On the eastern side of the globe, Japan with automotive, finance and telecommunications in 2007. In 2017, we have one more old economy losing market value from its top 5 companies.


Does Europe show a better performance? In 2007, we have oil and finance companies at the top 5. In 2017, no change at all!


China strives to make the difference and shifts from a totally chemical & finance economy, to a more technology-based one within the last 10 years.


In 2007, we already see a tech company in the US. Microsoft on the 3rd place. In 2017, the new economy has taken over. 5 tech companies on the top of the list.

What is the success story of the US? Why is the US top 5 full of tech companies in 2017? What should we learn from this paradign shift?
Think for yourselves, your teams, your organizations… our world!