Meet the $1 trillion panel

Meet the $1 trillion panel

An unrivaled discussion on Finance

In January 2019, together with our strategic partner McKinsey & Company we present an unique panel: “Crypto Assets: Master or Servant?”.

This will be the first time that such heavyweight financial leaders will convene on one stage to discuss the most threatening technological disruptors to centralized and regulated capital markets: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

The panelists include:

  • Andrea Maechler, Board Member, Swiss National Bank – helps conducts the country’s monetary policy as an independent central bank. In fact with a nearly $800 billion portfolio of foreign stocks and bonds, the country’s own asset manager made $55 billion last year – almost $3 billion more than Apple.


  • Jos Dijsselhof, CEO, SIX – putting CHF 338 million into experimenting with new technology. By 2019,SIX group will have fully rolled out the new Swiss stock exchange that fully integrates digital (crypto) assets with traditional assets, to be run on a Distributed Ledger System (DLS), which follows the logic of Blockchain.


  • David Wallace, CIO, European Stability Mechanism – with a paid-in capital of more than €80 billion, the ESM is one of the largest International Financial Institutions in the world. The ESM has aided programme countries such as Greece, with hundreds of billions of Euros, raised via capital market bond and bill trading.
  • Ted Rogers, President, Xapo – the crypto wallet with an estimated $10 billion in $BTC kept in the world’s most secure and high-spec underground vaults. This figure  means Xapo – a four-year-old startup – has more “deposits” than 98 percent of the over 5,600 banks in the United States.


  • Zeeshan Feroz, CEO UK, Coinbase – the world’s most popular on-ramp for mainstream crypto investors, promising safety and transparency in digital asset exchange. In recent series E financing, it has been valued at over $8 billion.


  • Matt Higginson, Partner, McKinsey & Company – the expert about the most significant disruption to financial markets and Why Blockchain Matters to businesses and management. Matt will be moderating the panel to identify the right use cases of blockchain for widespread adoption.

Until now, digital transformation of Finance has been surrounded by hype and price volatility (signaling instability and bubble economics), and most established institutions have taken the sit-back and watch approach.

«Finally, the heavyweights of old and new finance meet»

Christopher Blaufelder, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

But it’s official – even the policy makers and establishment are paying attention to Blockchain. How will it be regulated? Will blockchain help rebalance power away from the financial establishment?

Join us at WORLDWEBFORUM 2019 to be part of the discussion.