Panel: Leading Creative Teams

Leading Creativity

A panel discussion about getting the best out of creative teams

As the advancement of machine intelligence facilitates widespread automation of knowledge tasks globally, it is becoming more important than ever to distinguish the exclusively human competencies that the workforce need to gravitate towards, if they are to remain employable.

A key human competency that has not been mastered by AI yet is creativity.

There are plenty of people trying to make this process more efficient, but the results are experimentally rough and indicate that human creativity, is one skill that won’t be automated anytime soon. An example of this is the Sunspring project, which used AI to generate a full screenplay for a short science fiction film. Human actors filmed the script, and the result was, ahem… interesting. See for yourself…

So, at WORLDWEBFORUM we convene a panel to discuss creative teams, and the different forms of leadership that can be seen amongst the world’s most innovative companies.

What are the challenges of leading creative people? How can you draw a direct line between creativity and profitability? Which leadership styles bring out the best results?

Panelists in the discussion include:

She helped CEOs of foreign corporates navigate the complexities of Chinese bureaucracy. Now, she invests in growth-stage technology companies looking to expand to China.


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Angelica Anton

Founding Partner Silk Ventures, London, UK
Leads a US$500Mil VC back backed by the Chinese government
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His company is the fastest growing running shoe brand globally.



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David Allemann

Co-Founder, On AG, zurich, switzerland
He has put Zurich on the map for performance footwear

Her mission is to revolutionize women’s health – and with her first breakthrough innovation, a cycle-tracking bracelet, she managed to help men as well.


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Lea von Bidder

The Swiss entrepreneur that made the Forbes “30 under 30” list in 2018
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Her most recent publication is “Demystifying Industry–Academia Collaboration,” forthcoming in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery


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Vivianna understands entrepreneurship and leadership and their relation to innovation