JSU – #1 app for Jira instances


A Swiss app by the founders of WORLDWEBFORUM conquers Silicon Valley

The majority of the Swiss business community are familiar with our annual WORLDWEBFORUM event, which brings leaders in technology, business and academia from all corners of the globe together for an inspiring discussion on leadership, innovation and transformation. In the words of Claude Zellweger, Head of Industrial Design at Daydream, Google, it has been described as the

“punk rock version of WEF Davos”.

The same “punk” team who produce Switzerland’s most exciting leadership event has in fact also developed a software solution relied on by companies like Boeing, Google, Facebook, Nike, Tesla, Microsoft. We are proud about counting 20’000 downloads by customers like:

So, how did a Zurich-based software company become a business partner of some of the

most influential companies and thought leaders in Silicon Valley

and across the world?

You might be surprised that the WORLDWEBFORUM event was originally born from beecom in 2007, at the time a startup. It brought together a community of Atlassian software users to analyze the next trends in business with the goal of improving workflows.

In 2004 beecom became an Altassian partner in Switzerland, to distribute and provide client services for Swiss companies using the Atlassian core range of enterprise software products.

Building on the strength of their deep understanding of how to optimize workflows, beecom became a Platninum Expert partner to Atlassian and the vendor to its

global Number 1 extension JSU

among corporates, which is now used by 19,000 companies across 80 countries.

JSU is a plugin to Atlassian’s bestselling product Jira. This is used globally to streamline enterprise workflows into a centralized, collaborative, documented and logical flow. It has recently been named

one of Atlassian’s top performing extensions

with over 1,000,000 use cases per year.

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