She Believed She Could, So She Did

She Believed She Could, So She Did

Glass ceilings still exist, but Fumbi Chima is smashing them

According to Fumbi Chima, designated Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Adidas, there are three innovative ways to keep women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics):

1) Give women a senior mentor, so they can obtain advice on how to overcome barriers in male-dominated fields.

2) Reintegrate women after maternity leave, so that they feel welcomed returning to the field as a new mother, while balancing work and family responsibilities.

3) Involve men in the discussion to reduce sexism and stereotyping.

Fumbi Chima is a seasoned ROI-driven business leader. Chima, whose job provides leadership in technology and operations teams across 70 countries. Her career has spanned over three continents — in the US, Hong Kong and UK — implementing the digital transformation in B2C corporations including Fox Networks Group, Burberry, Wal-Mart Asia and American Express.

How has Chimba overcome her own challenges in the IT sector? “I’ve always taken difficult roles and tough projects, such as transformations, that no one wants to do. People may think you’re going to fail, and many times you do fail. But I’ve always been very resilient. You have to have the leadership and the tenacity to help solve very complex business problems.” she says, in an interview with Deloitte Insights.

In “Three Innovative Ways To Keep Women in STEM” Chima highlights that while the sum of women in STEM has increased, there is still a stark imbalance of low figures in women remaining in the tech field, with a high proportion of women leaving at mid-career level.

This proves to be cost ineffective to corporations due to the fact that, at this stage of their career, they are at the most expensive to replace.

Last but not least, Chima urges women to participate and speak up, so that they too are able to shape policies, stressing that, “when there’s a will, there’s a thousand of resources. When there’s no will, there’s a thousand of excuses.”

Hear Fumbi Chima speak at WORLDWEBFORUM 2019 to understand how she tackles enormous tasks, address major challenges, and what she sees as the key drivers for the future of innovation in global corporations.