EPISODE 1: Why Master and Servant?

Episode 1:

Why Master and Servant?

Will you be a servant to AI?

Artificial Intelligence is an imminent reality. McKinsey & Company estimates that 800 million global low level “knowledge work” jobs like taking customer support calls, will be automated by 2030.

However, decisions are yet to be made about the extent to which humans automate work and decision making with AI, and the fourth industrial revolution will call for a shift of skills towards being technical and creative; skills that machines will not be replicating anytime soon.

It’s a case of mastering the new technology to work for us, and not become servants to the machine.

Will your company survive?

Corporations such as General Motors and Exxon rose to power largely during the 20th century, growing to rival the reach and influence of governments and controlling massive resources that were not bound by traditional borders. This is history.

Since 1960, the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has fallen from more than 60 years to less than 20. According to Statistica, seven of the top ten ranked companies are now tech companies, whose most valuable assets are not property or inventory, but data, and a majority of the world’s brainiest talent pool.

Be honest: Can your company master this paradigm shift?

Can you be a master?

The new breed of entrepreneurs dig their entrance with tireless grit, new ideas, advanced tech know-how and a mindset to change the world. They have software services at their cores, married with data driven analysis of human behaviours, to find disruptive ways of delivering use cases – just look at Uber, Ava, Tesla, Airbnb.

Do you have it in you to pave your own path and become the new masters?

Our Topic 2019

The church, governments and military have traditionally been the main benefactors of their powerful positions in society. They have defined the rules and influenced what we know, and how we come to receive that knowledge: they have held mass populations in their palms by controlling information.

So now, with the whole world of information flipped upside-down, where does power lie? Who are the Masters and Servants of tomorrow?