An expat’s review of Street Parade with TRNSFRMRS Club.

When I announced to my network of cosmopolitan friends in Central London that a move to Zurich was imminent, most people groaned and shook their heads at me with sympathy. “Zurich is so boring!” “The people there are so bland, they don’t know how to have fun!” “You’ll be back in no time…”

Almost three years in, and boy, have they been proven wrong.

Whilst the Winters are a snowsport lover’s paradise (no more early morning 7-hour journeys to the alps and expensive rental equipment!), Fall and Spring for hiking and romantic European weekends, it is Summer in Zurich that has most surprised me with its vibrancy and abundance of fun. The long sultry days begin and end on either a river (cycling along the Limmat to get to work) or lake (afterwork swims at the badi), and weekends are punctuated by cultural and social events to rival that of London’s scene, but at a much more spontaneous and relaxed pace.

At the height of each summer, is Street Parade, a free dance event that close to a million revellers flock to from all corners of Europe. Hundreds of DJs across 30 lovemobiles and 7 fixed-stages, it is the world’s largest electronic dance music event that champions a ”Culture of Tolerance”. Diversity has been a huge focus across media and corporations alike – to be a modern organization, diversity is a must and many strive to lead in being tolerant and non-judgmental of all races, genders, sexual orientations and faiths. It is when we learn to have fun together side by side and embrace our differences, that we can achieve harmony. Having been a cultural minority my entire life (Chinese diaspora in Anglo-Saxon and Germanic societies) – this is a theme that sits well with me.  

On Sunday, as part of WORLDWEBFORUM’s TRNFRMRS club, by generous invitation from Kurt Ris, CEO of Everyware AG and hosted by Thomas Haenggi, Head of Sales and Business Partners Everyware AG, I had the privilege of partying in style, sans-sweat, sans-queues, in the luxurious gardens of five-star lakeside hotel Baur au Lac. There, we had VIP unobstructed views of the parade and lovemobiles, where we mingled and danced with new friends with whom we plotted which DJs to move onto for the weekend-long afterparty.

Unlike most festivals, crowds and refreshments were not at all a problem as we were served delicious food and ice-cold drinks by the hotel’s friendly staff, with plenty of seated chillout areas to enjoy the hospitality until our dancing legs were adequately warmed up.

It was truly a chic and pampering way to party, and now that I’ve experienced partying TRNSFRMR style, it will be hard to go back.

Everyware AG is the proud track partner for WORLDWEBFORUM’s Cloud computing track.
What’s next in the TRNSFRMRs line-up?

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