Meet our new Board of Directors

These prominent Swiss business figures are immersed in separate social networks, live different lifestyles and obviously have variant career paths.

What unites them though, is their mindset. Like the visionaries and revolutionaries in history, change is always brought about by a small niche of thinkers and actors who feel uncomfortable with the status quo. Call it anti-establishment or call it progression, it is when these “change agents” come together that momentum builds, and transformation really gains traction.

Together, these “formidable five” make the WORLDWEBFORUM board.

Ruedi Noser is a well recognized Swiss entrepreneur, businessman and politician, and a computer engineer by training.
His brand of politics is liberal, cosmopolitan and encourages companies to thrive with innovation and dynamic change, with an emphasis on investment in high-tech industry acceleration.

The pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland is world-renowned for its transfer of technology and research into manufacturing. Monika Jaenicke, Country Pharma Organization Head, Novartis Pharma Switzerland AG oversees more than 200 clinical researchers, lab employees and sales and marketing staff in Switzerland.

Dr. Sita Mazumder is a Professor in Information Technology at the Hochschule Luzern, bringing the new generation of tech skilled talent and entrepreneurs to the foreground of Swiss industry. She holds 3 other Board positions and is committed to shaping the commercial landscape in Switzerland.

Leveraging McKinsey’s expertise in research and analytics, Sirus Ramezani advises insurance companies and asset management firms about adapting to the modern world. Sirus is the youngest consultant to reach Senior Partner in McKinsey Switzerland which he achieved aged 39.

Finally, our beecom CEO is a tri-athlete who has phone meetings whilst riding his road bike to work each day, and refreshes his mind with lunchtime swim training. Fabian Hediger has widespread connections that span Europe and the US and is the founding force behind WORLDWEBFORUM.

We present an interview series featuring each of our board members to gain their perspectives of why they are key to WORLDWEBFORUM and show you how the convergence and diversity of opinions of our board members helps shape WORLDWEBFORUM into an unmissable annual event that catalyzes change with rippling effects.

Our first interview is with Sirus Ramezani, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company.