Why Atlassian Is The Future of Sydney

Why Atlassian Is The Future of Sydney

We take you behind the scenes at Atlassian HQ

Three things ceremoniously happened when I came to visit Atlassian HQ office in Sydney: I discovered that all the hype about the bar and kitchen were true, an important partnership announcement between the New South Wales (NSW) government and Atlassian took place and the third one, we aren’t announcing just yet. But it has something to do with WORLDWEBFORUM’s 7th annual meeting in Zurich, January 17-18, 2019, where Atlassian will be presenting the Track “The Future of Work”.

I was home in Sydney, my old stomping ground. As editor and social media manager to beecom, I couldn’t have passed on an opportunity to highlight  that our company has been Atlassian’s Platinum Solutions Partner based in Zurich, Switzerland. Moreover, there are two Sydneysiders working for beecom and its annual big production, WORLDWEBFORUM, a digital business conference series with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll.

If you’re familiar with Atlassian social media, chances are you’ve already seen a few posts of the Atlassian logo seat at their Sydney HQ office. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a glimpse:

Meilinda T, Editor and Social Media Manager “blending and branding”.

Compare to Switzerland, there are no rolling hills view outside the Atlassian HQ office, but instead, depending which of the three buildings you happen to be in, what’s offered are the buzzing city scene of Sydney’s artery that is George Street or the bay views with sprawling sightings of the Anzac bridge and inner west Sydney. The interior design of the office highly hints that they do balance working hard with team play, as seen at gaming corners and pool tables.

Yes, you get your own bobblehead when you’ve worked at the company for ten years.

Atlassian has been consistently on the list of Best Place to Work in Australia, earning the reputation of the darling of IT companies. Louise H, Atlassian’s communication manager (who I swear was a fashion model in a former life) was kind enough to show me around the office sites.  The vibe was easy- going throughout – people worked with laptops in game rooms, dining area, couches or bar area, not just at their desks. Most remarkable was the multiple full kitchens and a massive bar but from what I’d heard, no coffee. Apparently, employees were encouraged to get out of the building in order to get their coffee fix.

The announcement of NSW government partnering with Atlassian to create a tech and innovation precinct, is to reinforce Sydney as the Silicon Valley of Australia.

Scott Farquhar, co-CEO and founder of Atlassian has said that the move is “a huge step forward for Australia’s tech industry. We just sent a very loud signal to the rest of the world that we’re open for business and in the race for the biggest industry on the planet.” Given Atlassian’s track record of prospering in tech, R&D and expansion, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we’re optimistic about it.

Remember the third thing that coincided with my visit to Atlassian HQ office?

We are so excited by it but can’t share it with you just yet. However, if you happen to be attending next week’s Atlassian Barcelona summit, you might already know what it is.


Meilinda and the WORLDWEBFORUM team